LifeLyftsTM Pilot Lift

LifeLyftsTM Pilot Lift

Outdoor Mobility Equipment

LifeLyfts by Life Essentials offers outdoor mobility products that will enable you to maintain employment. Mobility lifts, permanent mounts, and running board lifts or flat-bed lifts for getting into a vehicle are available. Hand controls can be installed on your farming equipment. If you have challenges with mobility at work, we can come up with a solution.

Truck Lift

A product shot of a LifeLyfts Flat Bed Pilot Lift.

Flat Bed Pilot Lift

Fully powered, flatbed mounted pilot lift for most ¾ ton or larger trucks. The lift transfers from the driver’s seat to the seat on the lift. Includes a stabilizer leg to keep truck level and reduce movement.

The lift can reach the seats of tractors, combines, semi-trucks, excavators, and most large equipment.

Product Details:

  • Lift capacity: 350 lbs.

  • 12 ft max height (bottom of seat)

  • 14 ft max reach

LifeLyfts Hand Controls attached for use with a John Deere farm tractor.

Hand Controls

We design and build hand control for lawnmowers and garden equipment.

Product Details:

  • Lift Capacity: 400 lbs.

  • Extra Hand Holds

  • Radio Remote Controls

  • Powder Coated

  • Seat Rest Available

A product shot of an Action Track Chair.

Action Track Chair

The Action Trackchair and Trackstander come equipped with power seat tilt as a standard feature making it the ultimate in off-road wheelchairs. You will go places you didn’t think possible. With the Action Trackchair you will be able to navigate mountain roads, campgrounds, woods, beaches, hiking trails, frozen lakes, shallow streams, muddy and snowy terrain, and much more. Now you have the choice to stay on hard surfaces or go off-road.

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