LifeLyftsTM Mobility Scooters

LifeLyftsTM Mobility Scooters

Personal Mobility Equipment

Your safety and independence are our utmost priority. We offer a wide variety of residential mobility equipment products, including Journeyman Scooters and electric wheelchairs.

Personal Mobility Scooters

A product shot of an Action Track Chair.

Action Track Chair

The Action Trackchair and Trackstander come equipped with power seat tilt as a standard feature making it the ultimate in off-road wheelchairs. You will go places you didn’t think possible. With the Action Trackchair you will be able to navigate mountain roads, campgrounds, woods, beaches, hiking trails, frozen lakes, shallow streams, muddy and snowy terrain, and much more. Now you have the choice to stay on hard surfaces or go off-road.

A product shot of a LifeLyfts Personal Mobility. Scooter

Travel Mobility Scooters

Life essentials is a dealer for several different types of mobility scooters.

Solex Transformer, shown in pictures, can take you to your airplane seat, then it folds up like a suitcase for being stowed.  This scooter weighs approx. 50#.  Has an airplane-certified lithium battery.

Trikaroo Mobility Scooters have several models to choose from.  Trikaroo Flyer XL folds in half for easy storing, the seat can be set up as a single rider or a two-seater.

Portable Lifts

Need a lift in different locations? Well, look no further. Get a fully powered portable lift mounted on a single axle trailer. The mast folds down for transport. Includes radio remote control operation. Get around in the more efficient way possible.

Product Details:

  • Lift Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Maximum lift: 7.5 ft (at passenger’s feet)

  • Maximum reach: 6 ft from the rear of the trailer

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